Episode 015 - Unnamed Comedy Show 2/6/87 by Mark

OK—so I’ve put the Keith and Bill shows out of order, but in my defense, I don’t think there’s a strict continuity going on here.
Larry attempts to keep the show on the rails, and Andy Schrum aka Andrew Danger stops by to cover the pineapple conspiracy. Andy was another member of the Karl Herman repertory company. Bologna rinds, fog, Jesus Jones, underwater bowling, and Wham breaking up are the topics at hand.


Decawatt Playhouse 015

Episode 014 - Unnamed Comedy Show 2/13/87 Part 2 by Mark

If you’ve gotten this far, I don’t think there’s much more I can say about this radio show from the 1980’s. Keith and Bill continue their hijinks, including a discordant multiple alma mater performance.  Larry is still in the peanut gallery, and Lisa Quoresimo is now in the mix.  Lisa, or “Q”, also participated in the Karl Herman saga.


Decawatt Playhouse 014

Episode 013 - Unnamed Comedy Show 2/13/87 Part 1 by Mark

After a LOOONG hiatus (last posted in 2011), I’m returning to this podcast.  I ran out of material featuring me, and reached out to some old my old college friends for their tapes. Converting them to MP3s happened a while ago, but I’m just getting to packaging them up now.
As a reminder—these are segments from radio shows produced (a loose term) at WSAJ, Grove City College, Grove City, PA back in the mid-80’s.  You can check out the previous episodes for “Karl Herman in the Shower” and “Go to Bed with Mark and Kenn” (there’s a teaser if I ever heard one).
We’re restarting things with Keith Parrish and Bill Koch—GCC’s own comedy team, known for their hilarious “Majorca” routine (ask them about it if you have an hour to kill).  The “Unnamed Comedy Show” you are about to hear has plenty of non-sequitours, inside jokes, and dead air.  Larry Bowald (we will get to him later) is the special guest star.  Perhaps they shouldn’t have broadcast their planning meeting?


Decawatt Playhouse 013

Episode 12: Go to Bed with Mark and Kenn by MELINDA Schmidbauer

A few more thoughts on "Go to Bed with Mark and Kenn"...

Kenn normally manned the main studio and played the records, while I sat in another studio next door with a window between us--it wasn't a personal issue, but a logistical one.  The studio was so small that you couldn't shoehorn two people into it.

I would read Billboard and the local paper to come up with things to discuss. since we were making it up as we went along.  Some friends would hang out as well.

Two bits I wish I had on tape--

We ordered a pizza on the air, and when we said to deliver it to the WSAJ studio, the person on the phone asked us to spell it.  "W...S...A...J".

We altered a promo spot from one of the sororities.  The promo had the girls saying "Hey Hey Hey, we listen to WSAJ", so we changed it to "Hey Hey Hey, we (Go to Bed with Mark and Kenn)"--both of us saying it in a loud voice.  We figured no one was listening, but someone at the sorority was, so we had to retract it on the air.

After I graduated, I did have one more appearance on WSAJ.  The next semester, I hung out at the school for a few days while I was waiting for a job offer to be finalized.  Kenn was doing a play, and realized at the last minute that he would be late for his show that week.  The station had really cracked down by then, so he would lose his show.  So, I unofficially substituted for Kenn for about half an hour, talking as little as possible and saying I had a cold.  Kenn showed up, and I then dropped by as a special guest.  I assume the statute of limitations has run out on that.

Well, that's all the recordings I have so far.  The podcast will go on hiatus until I can get more recordings (hint hint Ray, Keith, Larry, Bill....)

I was able to scrape together a few minutes of relative coherence from the final episode of "Go to Bed with Mark and Kenn"--Enjoy!

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Decawatt Playhouse 11 by MELINDA Schmidbauer

It's now a year later at WSAJ.  After our success as a news team, Kenn and I went onto two more shows in our senior year.


"Saturday Afternoon with Mark and Kenn" aired during the football season, so we ended up monitoring the board most of the time, and then get 30-45 minutes if we were lucky to do wacky stuff on the radio.  Our high point was hosting the post-holiday parade show, where Tony Bennett (via an armed forces recording) performed live at the Pick and Save.


In the second semester, we grabbed an 11p-1a time slot, just before the station shut down for the night.  We came up with the idea that we were lulling students to sleep with the lilting tones of "Go to Bed with Mark and Kenn".  Could we help it if prurient minds came up with a different take on the name?


Here is a clip from the final episode, on the one year anniversary of Karl Herman's assassination.


If I can find anything interesting in the rest of the recording, I'll post it in our next episode.  Otherwise, I'm out of material unless someone else from that time has tapes (hint, hint).


Onto "We Remember Karl"...

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Episode 010 - Karl Herman in the Shower Part 10 by Mark

The finale of Karl Herman in the Shower is quite the spectacular--an extra long tribute show, a newsbreak, and a news program, played in 3 sections over the course of 30 minutes during Chaz's show. I don't want to say too much and spoil the multiple surprises, but let's say this is a turning point, involves a virtual line, and the Gold Standard.
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