Andy Schrum

Episode 015 - Unnamed Comedy Show 2/6/87 by Mark

OK—so I’ve put the Keith and Bill shows out of order, but in my defense, I don’t think there’s a strict continuity going on here.
Larry attempts to keep the show on the rails, and Andy Schrum aka Andrew Danger stops by to cover the pineapple conspiracy. Andy was another member of the Karl Herman repertory company. Bologna rinds, fog, Jesus Jones, underwater bowling, and Wham breaking up are the topics at hand.


Decawatt Playhouse 015

Episode 010 - Karl Herman in the Shower Part 10 by Mark

The finale of Karl Herman in the Shower is quite the spectacular--an extra long tribute show, a newsbreak, and a news program, played in 3 sections over the course of 30 minutes during Chaz's show. I don't want to say too much and spoil the multiple surprises, but let's say this is a turning point, involves a virtual line, and the Gold Standard.
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