Episode 007 - Karl Herman in the Shower Part 7 / by Mark

Karl finds himself in a race for "Spring King" at Grove City College in this episode.  Of course, his election headquarters is next to the shower.  We dragged a typewriter and a recording of a teletype and a telephone into the bathroom.

Keith Parrish, Mike Pfeifer, and Andy Schrum, and Paul McGill portrayed election workers.  I was also an election worker and the ubiquitous announcer.

This episode mirrored real life--we were attempting to get Karl voted Spring King, so that he would get to dance with the May Queen at the big dance.  Voting was done for charity--just drop your change into a jar.  This made it fairly simple to stuff the ballot box.

Election results are announced in the next episode--keep your fingers crossed and your chads hanging.  Onto Campaign '85 and another promo!

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