Episode 010 - Karl Herman in the Shower Part 10 / by Mark

The finale of Karl Herman in the Shower is quite the spectacular--an extra long tribute show, a newsbreak, and a news program, played in 3 sections over the course of 30 minutes during Chaz's show.  I don't want to say too much and spoil the multiple surprises, but let's say this is a turning point, involves a virtual line, and the Gold Standard.  There's also a long-delayed payoff from the second episode.  Ray is truly the J.J. Abrams of his time. 

Featured are the entire Karl Herman Mighty Art Player troupe--Paul Voltz, Keith Parrish, Paul McGill, David Hunt as himself (somewhat), Andy Schrum as Andrew Danger, Kenn Fetterman as Officer O'Harry, Kenn and myself as supposed celebrities, and our first pairing as news anchors.  Kenn and I went onto two radio shows the next year--more on that soon.

Now, let's hear the exciting conclusion to Karl Herman in the Shower!

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