Episode 009 - Karl Herman in the Shower Part 9 / by Mark

I'm guessing that "Karl Herman Bloopers and Practical Jokes" was more my idea than Ray's.  The fact that I did basically the same bit in SF Productions "Outstanding in Our Field" tends to back up that theory.

By this point, we were getting near the end of the school year, and Karl's graduation (he was a year ahead of Ray and myself).  While I may be reading into this, I think Ray was about done with the show.  Either that, or the simmering feud between he and Karl was a great bit of theater, as you'll hear in the episode.  Maybe Ray was just mourning the death of his pet.  He did had one more trick up his sleeve, as we'll hear in the series conclusion next time.

Paul Voltz drops in as a crew member, and I play host, announcer, and crew member.  This is the only time you hear Karl sans shower in the series. 

This episode references "The Pop Shoppe".  My roommates and I (really more them than me) started a business selling pop and candy from our room.  It was okayed by the school (being a very free market concept), and in a year and a half, we sold 14,000 cans and bottles of pop at a school with 2,200 students.  Ray sounds concerned that Karl mentioned it--perhaps worried that WSAJ might lose its non-commercial license for the "ad".

Onto the penultimate episode...

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