Decawatt Playhouse 11 / by MELINDA Schmidbauer

It's now a year later at WSAJ.  After our success as a news team, Kenn and I went onto two more shows in our senior year.


"Saturday Afternoon with Mark and Kenn" aired during the football season, so we ended up monitoring the board most of the time, and then get 30-45 minutes if we were lucky to do wacky stuff on the radio.  Our high point was hosting the post-holiday parade show, where Tony Bennett (via an armed forces recording) performed live at the Pick and Save.


In the second semester, we grabbed an 11p-1a time slot, just before the station shut down for the night.  We came up with the idea that we were lulling students to sleep with the lilting tones of "Go to Bed with Mark and Kenn".  Could we help it if prurient minds came up with a different take on the name?


Here is a clip from the final episode, on the one year anniversary of Karl Herman's assassination.


If I can find anything interesting in the rest of the recording, I'll post it in our next episode.  Otherwise, I'm out of material unless someone else from that time has tapes (hint, hint).


Onto "We Remember Karl"...

Click here to listen..