Episode 002 - Karl Herman in the Shower Part 2 / by Mark

Now that you've had a chance to hear the glory that is Karl Herman in the Shower, some additional details on how it became a radio show.

Ray saw that his impromptu interview with Mr. Herman taking a shower was comedy gold, so he asked his friend Chaz Owens (both were members of Syd Sustain--more on that later) if he could get a 10 minute slot on Chaz's Saturday night WSAJ radio show.  Chaz agreed, and they were off to the races.

Keep in mind that WSAJ at the time had a massive 10 watt transmitter, so getting air time wasn't exactly difficult.  I did some shows there as well, and I remember arriving for my timeslot and finding the station closed and locked up.  I want to the Health Center where they had a key, unlocked the station, fired up the transmitter, signed on the air, did my show, then waited to see if the follow-up DJ would show up (who generally didn't).  I would then sign off the air, shut down the transmitter, and lock up.

Fortunately, by the time KHITS arrived, the college administration had cleaned things up.

Let's move onto episode two of Karl Herman in the Shower, where a minor misunderstanding will have major impacts later (oooh, foreshadowing).  P.D. Gregg cameos as a government operative.  I've thrown in a promo as well.

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