Episode 001 - Karl Herman in the Shower Part 1 / by Mark

Back in the 80's, I attended Grove City College, a small liberal arts school in western Pennsylvania, partly due to a wide range of communication options.  One of these was the college radio station, WSAJ (it's still in operation, but a bit more buttoned-down than in my day).  At the time, it had a MASSIVE 10 watts of power (hence the name of this blog)--about what a cell phone puts out today.  This meant you could sometimes pick it up if the wind was right and you were willing to stick your antenna out the window.  So, there wasn't a lot of monitoring by the school, and things sometimes got weird.  This podcast/blog is my attempt to get some of this stuff on the interweb.

I really need to explain what you're about to hear.  A college buddy named Ray Voltz liked to send "letters" in the form of cassettes (an ancient audio format).  He would just walk around with his tape recorder and chat away.  During one of these sessions, he stopped in a dorm restroom and proceeded to interview someone taking a shower--one Karl Herman.  Karl had no idea he was being taped, which made the interview rather surreal and hilarious.  Ray turned this into a radio series--more about this in the next installment.  For now, take a listen to a recreation of that historic moment--and yes, Karl is actually taking a shower throughout.  I've also included a show promo.

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