Episode 004 - Karl Herman in the Shower Part 4 / by Mark

No, it's not a mistake in editing--there were two versions of Karl Herman in the Shower Episode 4.  Both include the disclaimer regarding the mention of alcoholic beverages in episode 3--Grove City was a dry town and college--so Ray was supposedly told to explain that upfront.  Interesting that no one complained about the "shower girls".

The bigger issue, and the one that forced a "censored" version of this episode, is the mention of "hot pots" and purple towels.  A quick explanation is in order.

During a student break at the time, the dorms were searched for small appliances, which were verboten.  I knew a student that had a hidden set of small appliances so he could make meals in his room--he hated cafeteria food.  It caused a big controversy (the hot pots, not the meals), and the mention of it on the show apparently caused some concern.  The purple towel was a reference to the "Adels" fraternity that had at the time been admonished by the school for some reason or other.  Students were wearing purple armbands, including myself (that was more of a business decision related to "The Pop Shoppe"--more on that soon).

Enough of me yapping--we're off to First Section, Second Floor Memorial and a certain bathroom...

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