Episode 013 - Unnamed Comedy Show 2/13/87 Part 1 / by Mark

After a LOOONG hiatus (last posted in 2011), I’m returning to this podcast.  I ran out of material featuring me, and reached out to some old my old college friends for their tapes. Converting them to MP3s happened a while ago, but I’m just getting to packaging them up now.
As a reminder—these are segments from radio shows produced (a loose term) at WSAJ, Grove City College, Grove City, PA back in the mid-80’s.  You can check out the previous episodes for “Karl Herman in the Shower” and “Go to Bed with Mark and Kenn” (there’s a teaser if I ever heard one).
We’re restarting things with Keith Parrish and Bill Koch—GCC’s own comedy team, known for their hilarious “Majorca” routine (ask them about it if you have an hour to kill).  The “Unnamed Comedy Show” you are about to hear has plenty of non-sequitours, inside jokes, and dead air.  Larry Bowald (we will get to him later) is the special guest star.  Perhaps they shouldn’t have broadcast their planning meeting?


Decawatt Playhouse 013