SF Classiques 008 / by MELINDA Schmidbauer


A Brief (?) History of SF Productions--Part 8

Well, we got into episode 5 of Bored of the Rings, and it was clear we were getting burned out--we had been slogging away at this for 9 months. So, we wanted to wrap things up with a double episode, but would have ended up with a very short episode 6. What to do in order to stretch things out?

I am an unashamed Anglophile (my mother is English), and I remember getting up early in the morning to see the wedding of Charles and Diana--we had an early VCR, but I didn't trust it. So, since there's a big wedding at the end of BotR, why not break in with special NBS coverage of the Royal Wedding?

This ended up being far more interesting that BotR, since the last few chapters are really just wrapping things up. We got the chance to do bad Monty Python impressions, made IRA references, plus we introduced the concept of cloning world figures--a topic that would come up again in the future. Eric got to be a protestor, Saylor explained the tax benefits of marriage, and Mike slept through it.

Next--females enter the picture.