SF Classiques 009 / by MELINDA Schmidbauer


A Brief (?) History of SF Productions--Part 9

As a palate cleanser post-BOTR, we went back to the old Fall TV preview bit for the next tape--the less said about this the better. Moving on...

If you've been listening intently so far (which I highly discourage), you may have noticed that any female voices have been coming from guys doing falsetto. We were about to tackle the second Superman movie, and we needed a Lois Lane. So I went in search for a female that would be willing to go into a bedroom with some guys--think clean thoughts, my bedroom was the SF "studio".

We were able to get Lynda Bowman (now Lynda Meyer) to agree to this ridiculous request. Lynda was in both the school show choir--okay, so was I--and marching band. She was the drum major, if I remember the term correctly. So, she definitely knew how to perform--but would be able to keep up with my crack band (cough) of comics? As you will hear, she had no problems fitting in, throwing in quips as if she had been there from the start.

We held onto the Superman II plot line for dear life, which kept the coherency up. Mike joins in, we consider Saylor's divinity, and Eppi makes another cameo. There's also a veiled reference to the Sound of Music, which was the school musical that year--it's also the subject of our next entry, and the reason none of us can ever go into politics. (How's that for a teaser?)

Meanwhile, let's listen to how a distaff member affects the team...