Books, books and more books / by MELINDA Schmidbauer

Well, I've pretty much stopped the comic a day postings.  I guess I just couldn't keep up.  Not with the reading!  I definitely read a comic for everyday.  Just with the posting.  

Today, though, I am inspired to write about a comic we read this week, as well as a book series I am currently immersed in.  As we discussed in the podcast this week, we both liked "The New Deadwardians" from Vertigo.  In post-Victorian England, the upper class is vampiric, the lower class is mostly zombies, and never the twain should meet.  This looks like a very nicely done whodunit with a twist.  We'll have eight issues to see it through.  

But meanwhile, I am reading the books in the Parasol Protectorate, a series by Gail Carriger.  In this series, the supernatural set (vampires, werewolves and ghosts) live in harmony in Victorian England.  The Queen is advised by a panel of an unaligned vampire, a packless werewolf, and a "soulless" (a human born with no soul, and therefore not able to be turned into a supernatural being).  Ghosts are used as spies (until their bodies are too decomposed, when they then turn poltergeist and have to be exorcised).  The factions are endless, and the adventures are very proper!  There are five books out in the series now, and I highly recommend them!  

As Mark said, maybe this is part of the trend started by "Pride and Prejudice and Zombies," but if so, I am all for it.  Anything that makes the Supernatural a little less scary is a plus for me! 

On a final note, you may notice that we have begun linking to some Amazon products directly.  We did, finally, sign up an affiliate account, so any purchases you make after clicking on a link on our site will result in a (very) small amount accruing to our Amazon account.  Don't buy comics there -- use your local comic store.  But if you do purchase on Amazon, please use our link!