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Pick of the Week

(July 17)

Mark's Pick: 


Mindy's Pick:

I picked this since FINALLY Kara is not a Red Lantern anymore.

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How I Got My Wife To Read Comics #313


The name is Grayson—Dick Grayson, the real Birds are back, San Diego--meet Harley, a Tale of Two Trek gimmicks, and industry news--plus WOTCOEW.


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How I Got My Wife To Read Comics #312

We go back to the dawn of the comic book for Major Malcolm Wheeler-Nicholson 101. Sorry, no WOTCOEW.


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How I Got My Wife To Read Comics #311




This looks like a job for Val-Zod, the coming of Duckzarro, by Gumm--it’s the Joker, and the Clamour for Glamour--plus WOTCOEW.


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How I Got My Wife To Read Comics #310


J.R Jr. has arrived, as do Sugar and Spike, Bruce vs. Lex, Larfleeze takes a final bow, and Holy Plot Device, Batman! Plus WOTCOEW.


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How I Got My Wife To Read Comics #309




Tar Heel Conventioneering, the revenge of Morrison, Ellison gets his Trek due, Fables in the homestretch, and the numbers are in--plus WOTCOEW.



If you have trouble with this format, let us know! We had to post differently, since we are on the road!

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How I Got My Wife To Read Comics #308




A multi-alien is better than none, Babs is lost in the shuffle, it’s like, Forever People, and the Dancing Master is gonna get you--plus WOTCOEW.


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How I Got My Wife To Read Comics #307



Bad Batman! To the Black Beauty! Return to the treehouse! Kimota!  Plus WOTCOEW.

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How I Got My Wife To Read Comics #306




Why a super-villain prison is a bad idea, Grayson—Dick Grayson, Viva Captain Tightpants, cats through the looking glass, and the numbers are in.   Sorry, no WOTCOEW this week.

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How I Got My Wife To Read Comics #305




It took Forever for this Evil, Lex Luthor: Hero?, the Terrific Trio together again, Xander gets out his laptop, and industry news--plus WOTCOEW.


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How I Got My Wife To Read Comics #304



Superman is Doomed, I tells ya! Funeral for a Queen, what the best-dressed super-villains are wearing, and fun with Photoshop--plus WOTCOEW.


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