Green Lantern: New Guardians / by MELINDA Schmidbauer

I just read issues #4 and #5.  

I think my brain must be getting more absent-minded, or forgetful, as I can hardly remember from month-to-month what is going on in some of these comics.  Especially when there is more than one of a "type."  I am not sure how many GL comics we are getting now, but this seems to be one of a few.  I should start thinking of them as "The One with Hal," "The One with Guy," and "The One with Kyle."  (I think we dropped "The One with Guy," even though he is my favorite GL.  But he is in JLI, too.)

I really have no idea how a new reader could understand anything going on in this book.  We have so many characters from the Blackest Night saga, and the story that was going on before "The New 52" that if you had never read this before, you would be lost.  I am lost and I read them before.  And now, with issue 5, they are pulling in worlds that were supposedly destroyed in previous continuities (and, I thought, in this one?).  I pity the new reader. 

I am even confused by the title of this book.  Are the "New Guardians" the various Crayola Lanterns?  Or are they the old Guardians that are now acting different?  Or have we not met the New Guardians yet? I got to thinking that maybe this whole thing with a big white hole at the center of the universe might be some other Guardians.  But probably not.

I did like issue 5 better than the previous issues, and I am guessing now that the Crayola Lanterns are indeed the New Guardians.  I, like Kyle, needed to look up the word ORRERY.  I did not have a ring to do so.  I have a laptop.  Almost the same.  

I am looking forward to finding out more about Invictus, which is a movie, a poem and now a villain?