SF Classiques 018 / by MELINDA Schmidbauer

SF Ephemera - Part 1

On previous blogs, I promised I would return to extraneous points, so here we are...

In Episode 5, I mentioned that SF wasn't the only production company in town. Must have been something in the water. I'm sure I'll get some of this material wrong, as I was a bystander. If the parties involved read this, let me know what I screwed up.

Mike Harrison was a partner on B.R.O. Productions, which specialized in films. Note that I didn't say "videos"--this was the era of 8mm film cameras. Film reels were only 3-5 minutes long, and rather expensive to get developed. Editing involved actual physical cuts to the film with a knife. If you wanted sound, you had to record it on cassette and try to manually synch it up with your always finicky projector. This is why SF shied away from film--it was just too much work. Do I sound crotchety enough yet--hey, you kids get off my lawn!

Anyway, B.R.O. made several productions, one of which was something like "Invasion of the Tupperware People" (I'm sure I got that wrong). It was a multi-reel extravaganza with sound and special effects. There were a few social gatherings over the years between B.R.O. and SF, and members ended up in each other's productions from time to time. What does B.R.O. stand for? I just do not remember.

There was also the Circle Hill Cinema Corporation, with Dave Gross as one of the partners--he was one of the people I "auditioned" prior to meeting up with Eric. CHCC also worked primarily in film. I wasn't introduced to CHCC until late in high school, by which time they were essentially done doing films. Their group was also very active in the local theater I mentioned in Episode 13.

I wouldn't be surprised to learn of other production companies in town--if anyone reads this and knows of any, please let me know.

Next time--what is Semanon? Meanwhile, from our "On the Road" series, let's listen as Mike, Saylor, and I take in some exciting indoor soccer action with the Canton Invaaaaderrrrrrs...