SF Classiques 017 / by MELINDA Schmidbauer


A Brief (?) History of SF Productions - Part 17

OK, let's wrap things up.

The SF team began to break up in the late 80's, and it became harder and harder to "get the band back together". It's natural for this to happen--people have lives after all. I had found a creative outlet in public access cable TV in Columbus, OH. I was involved in two comedy shows, one of which resulted in an arrest (more on that soon), then began ten years of the "Vast Wasteland" TV show, the ancestor of one of our current podcasts.

I had also gotten married--the last SF member to do so. I met my wife (and my partner on "How I Got My Wife to Read Comics") through Bill and Janet, and they were our best man and matron of honor respectively. SF members get together from time to time, but normally just to say hi and grab a bite to eat (a major SF activity).

Once the "information superhighway" was opened, I started thinking of ways to do some creative stuff again. By 2000, public access TV in Columbus basically dried up, and at one point, I considered just setting up a website to show videos. The problem was--who would ever find it? Then podcasting came along, and after much dragging of feet, I got the Vast Wasteland team together again and we were off and running and/or stumbling.

I still want to bring SF into the podcasting fold (Bill has guested on VW), as soon as I get off my ass and set it up--probably via Skype, as the membership is all over the country.

So that's the story--coming up next, I'll go over some SF ephemera. Meanwhile, here's some dated political references and bad impressions from "Outstanding in our Field".