Nowhere But Here By Katie McGarry / by Kristin


 I had previously only read Katie McGarry’s debut novel, Pushing the Limits-which I did like a lot. So when I found out her new series was about a motorcycle club, I was intrigued and decided to pull Nowhere But Here from the shelf. You will be surprised to know that I actually physically held and read this book rather than listen to an audio version.  And Wow, this book was a quick and intense read. I absolutely loved it!

What I love about Katie McGarry is the fierce narrative that she gives to her characters to tell. And she does this in such a way that you feel like you are embodying each character as they tell their part of the story. You feel, you think, you visualize all the moments and emotions that Emily and Oz are experiencing every step of their story.

Emily is 16 years old, and has a great life with great parents and friends. However, she barely knows her biological father, but what she does know is that he is in a motorcycle gang. Her perception of family and what’s important in life changes when she spends her summer living with her biological father’s family, the motorcycle club The Reign of Terror. Emily must place all of her trust in 18 year old motorcycle club prospect Oz to help her discover hidden truths about a life and family she never knew.

Katie continues to give us characters with great emotional depth, stories that will captivate your mind, and tense moments that will make your heart tremble to complete a story that will have you completely absorbed from beginning to ending.

Nowhere But Here is a story about family-and not just those related by blood. It’s about uncovering deeply buried secrets, facing your fears and most of all learning to give others a chance to love you in return. 

Tear Factor: Get ready to run for that box of tissues! You might want to stay home to read this one.

On a personal note: We’ve talked in the past about following authors on social media, and Katie is a great author to follow. I actually personally met her at the Lori Foster Author and Reader event in 2013. She is just as real as you and I and her posts reflect that. Her posts are clean and her statements are encouraging to her readers.  Her followers have also had the chance to watch her puppy Racheal –named after one of her personal book characters, grow and do silly things on social media.

So go, read and follow Katie McGarry.