I’ll Give You the Sun, by Jandy Nelson / by Kristin


Jude and Noah tell their stories in a back and forth, past and present format in a coming of age story about the creative spirt, secrets, heroes, and redemption. Jude’s point of view kept me intrigued in the beginning of this book, because Noah’s point of view didn’t make him a very likeable character in the first few chapters. However, Noah’s past tense self and recount of the story intertwines deeply with Jude’s present self and telling for a coming together beautiful conclusion.

Jude is on an emotional journey. She is consumed with superstitious tendencies like keeping an onion in her pocket and fixated on the possibility of contracting rare diseases. She puts up this emotional barrier in a way to punish herself from experiencing love, grief and friendship.

Noah is gay and he is experiencing the emotions and physical discoveries of love for the first time. He expresses himself and his desires through art.  He is also a jealous and competitive brother. He and Jude play mind games such as who would save you first if you were drowning, mom or dad. Noah’s journey takes us on a course of love and betrayal.

I ended up really liking this book. Get ready to read this book in one sitting.

I did listen to the audio book version and both narrators did an amazing job connecting with each characters voice.