Green Lantern #4 by MELINDA Schmidbauer

Mark is a bigger fan of the Green Lanterns than I.  I like Guy Gardner and John Stewart and even the first Green Lantern Alan Scott.  Hal's okay, but he's not "my Lantern."  And this GL book is all about Hal.  We're on issue 4 of the New 52, and Hal still isn't officially a GL again, though.  This Sinestro story line is intriguing, but very slow.  I guess we can say the same about a lot of the New 52.  Aquaman did just finish his first story arc, so maybe this one will tie up pretty soon.

So, issue 4 finds Hal and Sinestro prisoners of the Yellow Lanterns (the Sinestro Corps).  They are upset (to put it mildly) that Sinestro is wearing a green ring.  Sinestro is tortured, then imprisoned with the people of Korugar he was trying to save.  They are very mad at him. Hal encourages Sinestro to make green rings for all of the prisoners.  Good idea, Hal.  The angry townspeople are all given GL rings, and who do they decide to go after?  I won't ruin the surprise.  

As an aside, my vacation from school is over today.  Back to the classroom.  But maybe I'll have time to read a few more comics in study hall.  I'm only three weeks behind now!

Goofiest Crossover Ever! by MELINDA Schmidbauer

Continuing my catch-up of pulled comics, I turn to Star Trek/Legion of Superheroes.  This has to be the goofiest crossover ever.  Sure, we've seen all combinations of DC/Marvel crossovers.  The Legion of Superheroes are old hands at crossovers.  We've even seen Archie Meets the Predator!  (Okay, that could be goofier than this concept.)

In any case, in this instance, Kirk and crew are somehow transported over to the Mirror, Mirror universe.  The Legion's time bubble is caught somehow and transferred to the same place.  Now they have to work it out.  So, after an initial (required by the comic writer's rules of superhero meetups) fight between the two groups, they decide to work together.  While Brainy and Spock are trying to work out the reason both groups are in this strange, not quite "Mirror Mirrow" universe, they are attacked by the requiste group of supervillians and aliens mashed up from both continuities.  The Emerald Eye/Orion slave girl.  A Gorn with the Atomic Axe.  That onephorned furry thing from Trek.  I love Brainy explaining the force field, "It's called a force field because it creates a field of force..."

I'll keep reading this until it's done, but I do think it is a little silly.  But there's nothing wrong with a little silly.

A New Year, A New Entry... by MELINDA Schmidbauer

The time between Christmas and New Year's is always very busy for me.  Cookies to be made, presents to be finished and wrapped, friends to visit...  So I fell behind on my comics.  Not only did I not read any comics for this blog, I only read the comics I needed to for the show.  So I am WAY behind on all my comics reading.

To that end, I am going to do my comic-a-day entries catching up on what I haven't read from our regular pull, at least for a little while.  Today, Warehouse 13...

which I really do like.  I love the SyFy series, and the comic has all the situations and witty dialog of the series.  But...

I am not fond of the artwork.  And this is the case with many of the licensed properties made into comics.  When the artists have to try to make their characters look like the actors, it usually disappoints. In this case, the artist does a pretty good job with Claudia and Myka, but Pete just doesn't look like Pete.  

What I would rather have is a "Warehouse 9" or a "Warehouse 15" story, that the comics creators use the basic idea of the Warehouse, but create their own agents and stories.  

This problem with mixed media though might be a problem unique to me; I have the same issue regarding books made into movies.  And maybe it is just the changing media I have a problem with. Because now that I think of it, if I have read one book in a series, I have trouble listening to later volumes; the same holds true if I have listened to the first book.  I then have problems going to a print book.  Hmmmmm.   I guess I am just weird.  

But that doesn't mean you might not LOVE Warehouse 13.  

Justice League America #64/65 by MELINDA Schmidbauer

The Revenge of Starbreaker!  At War with Starmaker!

Special Double Entry today.  I didn't like this arc very much, so I am just writing about it once more.  

In #65, Starbreaker looks a little like a cross between a vampire and a elf.  He doesn't quite have fangs, but those eyeteeth look pretty sharp.  The first page really gives the impression that he's about to sink his fangs into Maxima's neck.  That's one problem of reading these so long after release.  It is hard to pinpoint what else might be going on in the pop culture world at the time, and thus might be influencing the comic.  (Ah, for a time before Twilight.)

I am getting a little tired of this book now.  The constant fighting of villains, rather than amongst themselves, makes it a typical comic.  There is a bit of the old give and take between the members, but the story really focuses on the battle(s) with Starbreaker.  StarB is going to suck all the energy out of Almerac, destroying it to gain power.  The arrival of the JLA is going to help him, as he will be able to get more power to destroy the world sooner.  Good job, guys!

Tara is still making goo-goo eyes at Supes.  Bloodwynd is still being mysterious.  Guy is gone, of course.  Rant rant rant, fight fight fight, Almerac is saved.  The only part I liked is that Beetle was able to be the one to actually defeat Starbreaker.  And Booster almost missed the boat back to Earth (after Maxima is exiled).  

I also noticed that a lot of the letters actually include full addresses for people, and they are asking for pen pals.  Now that is a concept that seems to have gone the way of the dodo bird.  Who needs a postal pen pal now, with the number of discussion boards and forums online, as well as email and Twitter and Facebook.  Do kids these days even know what a pen pal is?

Justice League America #63 by MELINDA Schmidbauer

Well, we find out what is happening on Almerac.  A mysterious messenger arrives to tell Maxima that someone has taken over Almerac.  Well, what did she expect?  Taking off like a hussy to find a baby daddy?  

But first, the League is introduced to the new Headquarters, provided by the UN.  A big, modern, glass building near the UN itself.  Max says that, in exchange for providing security, the UN is leasing the JLA the building and "It's costing us a fortune."  Make a note of that, for later.

Ice, of course, is concerned about what Superman will think.  Ice is very reliant on men.  She doesn't, in this incarnation, appear to think much for herself.  First Guy, now Supes?  Anyway, they are touring the building, when Beetle wonders who is paying for it.  Now Max says that the UN is financing them.  What?  They gave you a beneficial lease rate, and then are paying the rent, too?  This is SO confusing.  

So after this, the Almerac ship crash lands, and Maxima goes off to find it.  She gets the message to return to Almerac, and tells the League she is leaving.  And about this time, Fire finds out she holds nine out of ten places on the worst dressed list!  Yes!  I told you, Bea!  

Anyway, Superman shows up to arrest Maxima, but finds out she is gone.  He demands that they go pull the crashed ship out of the river, and examine it.  Once he finds out that Almerac is in trouble, he wants to go there.  I think that Booster and Beetle have a point.  If the JLA can't even overthrow a ruler in Qurac (or Bialya, for that matter), then why do it on another planet.  But they go anyway.  Guy takes them all off to Almerac.

Maxima attacks the royal castle, where she finds the evil tyrant that has taken over.  Seasoned readers might recognize Starbreaker at this point, but I didn't.  

Apparently, Superman expected as much.  He wants to make a plan to attack, but Guy just wants to go in guns blazing.  So Guy takes off, quitting the League (again).  How will they get home?  Supes says he doesn't expect that to be a problem (they'll all be dead).  And then Starbreaker shows up, holding an unconscious Maxima in his arms.  This could be a problem.

I do like the older Justice League better.  But I will keep going through the Death of Superman, and we'll see how it is.  There is still a bit of the old League here, but it really does focus more on the story and the villain, rather than on the League.  And I liked it better without Superman.  I know most people want the big names (Wonder Woman, Batman, Superman) in the JLA, but not me.  I am a renegade!

Justice League America #62 by MELINDA Schmidbauer

I had a break for the holiday.  Longer than I anticipated, but I am back now.  I can finally find out what happened in that chess game…

Beetle's first move is to place Superman in the same square as Ice, thus allowing Supes to save her from the raging inferno.  This infuriates the Weapons Master, but it wasn't explicitly against the rules.  Ice is burning up, but there's not much Superman can do.  Ice has quite the crush on Superman.  "Call Me Tora."  "Are you married, Superman?"  I guess this was before the wedding.  

Beetle manages to send Booster and  Maxima to the same place, by placing them on opposite sides of the board.  Maxima is still principally concerned with getting Superman to father her children.  Booster is just being Booster, coming on to Maxima.  I'd rather have Booster than Supes. (but Mark is my first choice, of course.  Hi, Honey!)

Finally, Beetle plays the Guy Gardner piece.  Beetle has noticed that each player has just a few seconds of awareness before being transported, which is just enough for Guy to reestablish his ring connection, and get it back.  They can't quite beat the Weapons Master, but Guy does figure out (with prompting from Beetle) how to find the others.  And the Weapons Master high-tails it back to the yacht where his partner and the Dominator are waiting for the Green Lantern ring.  When the Dominator hears that WM doesn't have the ring, he gets mad, then gets dead.  Yes, WM kills him so he can't report WM's failure and ruin his reputation.  

While this is going on, Bloodwynd is visiting Max and Oberon, to tell them that the rest of the League has been mysteriously transported away, and that a yacht called "Isis" might have something to do with it. Bloodwynd fights Weapons Master to a standstill, but he still gets away.  Eventually, though, all our heroes are rescued and everyone is back in the right dimensions.  

But, who is Bloodwynd and why does he know so much?  What is happening on Almerac?  And will Guy and Tora get back together?  Who knows?  

Justice League America #61 by MELINDA Schmidbauer

On to the new creative team, and a villian they haven't faced before -- the Weapons Master!  

So, it appears that Superman has joined the JLA.  And Maxima?  Where did she come from?  At least Booster and Beetle are both back.  So then, along with Ice, Fire and Guy, this must be the new roster.  Or maybe not... I will have to read that JLA Spectacular.  Hmmmm.

The cover shows Beetle playing chess with JLA pieces against the Weapons Master, but this doesn't really occur until the very end of the issue.  The story leading up to it shows a feisty Ice, who is siding with Superman over Max and even Guy.  Ice seems to have a major thing for Supes here (but who wouldn't?).  Meanwhile Guy is again trying to assert authority over the League, when Maxima shows up and offers to fight him for a leadership role (after he beats Beetle and Booster, to show his superiority).  That never happens, of course.  Because the Weapons Master shows up, looking to steal Guy's ring for the Dominion (pink guys with big teeth?).  Maxima shows off some impressive powers, but the Weapons Master is winning.  

Superman (and Ice) are ready to throw Max out of his position, and they make for the JLA headquarters (which may still be the cave).  They show up just in time to give the Weapons Master a little more fun, but he ultimately beats Ice, Fire and Superman.  He only leaves when a new guy, Bloodwynd, shows up.  He is a sorceror, and right now we don't know who's side he's on.

The Weapons Master is supposed to take the ring back to the Dominator, but instead takes the JLA back to his secret dimensional headquarters, where he is going to force Beetle to play chess for their lives.  

Not a bad story, but you can tell it's not Giffen.  Really more about the action than the bwa-ha-ha.  Oh, well.  

Justice League Europe #36 by MELINDA Schmidbauer

Break Downs: Postscript (Part 16 of 15)

That is exactly what it says on the title page.  But after reading this, I wonder that they call it a post-script.  Because EVERYONE QUITS.  Max and Oberon are the only ones left at the end of this issue.  

I did like Despero coming back in L-Ron's old robot body.  Of course his mind had to go somewhere…like Beetle says.  And no one (left) in the League can take him down.  I am a little bit skeptical that a shotgun blast could take out the alien metals, but that Fire could not.  But that did make for a better story, and reasons for the last of the group to quit.  

The story is supposed to be continued in a Justice League Spectacular.  I wonder if I should find that in the Comic Book Vault before reading Justice League America #61.  I probably won't, as JLA 61 is the last thing I have pulled out right now.  I can read it, then visit the "vault" and pull out some of the JL Quarterlys that have been referenced, and this "Super Spectacular" issue.  One thing leads to another…   

Justice League America #60 by MELINDA Schmidbauer

Break Downs, Part 15

This is the last part of the Break Downs storyline (other than an epilogue in the next issue of JLE).  It is the last Giffen and DeMatteis issue in this run, and there will be a new creative team in the next book.  It really did feel like a "goodbye."

Max is still with Wanda, but he feels lost.  He thinks he is responsible for all the bad things that happened while possessed by Dreamslayer.  J'onn wants to leave the Justice League and explore the (relatively recently obtained) facts of his Martian heritage.  Catherine and Sue are concerned about how the Justice League will survive financially.  Blue Jay is still in mourning, as is Ice.  

Some of the heroes are less affected by events than these.  Guy is his same old blustery self.  Beetle is still a little overweight, and sensitive about it.  Fire is still Fire.  

But J'onn has a talk with Max, and convinces him that the League still needs him.  Max meets up with Oberon, and they go back to the League headquarters to, hopefully, fix things up.

I am looking forward to reading the next issues, and to see how the creative team changes the story.  As I am starting to read these back issues, and reading the current story lines, I am getting a feel for the writers and artists that I like.  When I first started reading comics, I didn't pay any attention to the creative team, but now that I am, I can see some differences.  

I also have to say, if I was trying to talk someone into reading comics now, I'd tell them to start with old stories, rather than the New 52.  I guess I am not the target audience now.


Justice League Europe #35 by MELINDA Schmidbauer

Break Downs Part 14


This is the last JLE issue by this create team.  There is one more JLA after this, then both books have new creative teams.  And I think they are different writers for both books.  

This really felt like a conclusion, and I guess it was, for JLE.  The New Extremists (controlled by Dreamslayer) attack the JLA.  The JLA doesn't like to fight against their friends (or their friends' bodies), but they do the best they can without actually trying to kill or hurt them.  At the same time, the Silver Sorceress lies dying on a KooeyKooeyKooey beach.  Dreamslayer has mortally injured her, and has slated half the inhabitants of the island.  He doesn't need them anymore, he has the JLA.  

Silver Sorceress apparently has the power for one last spell.  She conjures the old Extremists to go attack Dreamslayer.  She convinces Dreamslayer to leave Max's body, and draws him into her mind, where she can defeat him just prior to her death.  Once Dreamslayer is dead, all the JLA is restored, including Max Lord (do they wonder why they are dressed in KooeyKooeyKooey-ian native garb?).

There is a touching funeral for the Sorceress on the island.  The natives want to honor her for saving them (or at least half of them).  Max is real eased from the hospital in New York (not quite sure how he got there), and dwells upon what he did while possessed by Dreamslayer.  

What will happen to the Justice League now?  The votes are being counted, and we should learn the new line up soon.  I hope Booster and Beetle are both back.  I <3 Beetle and Booster!

Justice League America #59 by MELINDA Schmidbauer

Break Downs, Part 13

This cover looks like a trip back to the Bwa-ha-ha's!  Things haven't been especially funny lately, so J'onn and Beetle in a big cauldron is amusing.  I think that's Power Girl tied up behind her.  I am not sure how you tie up Metamorpho, though.  Couldn't he just change elements and slip out of the rope? 

In a side note, this issue must mark a point where Mark switched the kind of bags he was using for comics.  Instead of being  taped closed, this one has a line of adhesive all the way across, which is making it difficult to open.  I wonder when he switched back to regular bags?

Not a lot happened in this issue.  At least, compared to the last few issues.  The League did go to KooeyKooeyKooey, where J'onn surrenders to Dreamslayer for the entire JLA.  Apparently he surrenders to save the life of the chief of KooeyKooeyKooey.  This is where I part ways with these superheroes.  Do you really surrender to save one guy, when the lives of so many are at stake.  We'll see how many people may die later, so the chief could live.  Of course, it is possible that J'onn is already being mind-controlled by Dreamslayer using Max's powers.

Batman shows up at the JLA cave, where Sue, Cath, the injured Guy Gardner and Ralph are still present, just in time to receive a message from KooeyKooeyKooey showing all the JLA members there, natively dressed and declaring themselves "The New Extremists."  That can't be good.

And we never got to see the boys in a cannibal's pot.  Lying cover.

Justice League Europe #34 by MELINDA Schmidbauer

Break Downs, Part 12

The fight is still going on with Despero and the combined Justice Leagues and the Conglomerate.  This is one tough dude!  But L-Ron and Kilowog to the rescue.  Blue Beetle is taking them in close, so the controller (in which L-Ron now resides) will be near enough to transmit.  At the same time, Lobo is getting series on Despero.  

Despero attacks Lobo, then runs at Kilowog, who activates the device!  And, pops, L-ron is in Despero.  The artist did a really good job here of showing the transformation.  Despero still looks like Despero, but (maybe because those wicked teeth aren't showing) has a much softer demeanor. Manga Khan has been watching this from orbit (remember, he hired Lobo to get Despero), and decides to go down and take a personal interest.  Manga Khan swears to help pay to rebuild New York, pays off Lobo and takes L-Ron/Despero and leaves.  

Remember KooeyKooeyKooey?  Yeah, we're going back to that story now.  Max (possessed Max?) is angry that Havok has failed.  Cath and J'onn figure out that Havok came through the tubes from KooeyKooeyKooey, and that Max must be involved.  They also figure that Max must be possessed by Dreamslayer, who was the only Extremist that wasn't a robot.  The Silver Sorceress confirms that it was indeed Dreamslayer. 

Power Girl seems normal (not moody, and actually looking girly).  In fact, everyone but Silver Sorceress seems to be feeling pretty good.  But is it actually Dreamslayer, who is luring them into a trap, making them feel like they can take him?  Because he has controlled all the natives of KooeyKooeyKooey to fight for him.  This will not be pretty.

Justice League America #58 by MELINDA Schmidbauer

Break Downs, Part 11

Now I am reading these in the right order!  For the next few issues, I will bounce back and forth between JLA and JLE, hopefully getting a better grip on the Break Downs story.  Of course, at this point, there are only six issues left (including an epilogue.  Why not just make it a part of the story?).

In this issue, Despero and Lobo are still going at it.  I finally "got" the cover.  It is an addition problem.  Lobo plus Despero equal JLA down.  But we know that's not really the case!

This issue was non-stop fighting.  We have Lobo and Despero, then Lobo and Guy, then Despero and J'onn.  Then Rocket Red and Despero.  Booster vs. Lobo, PG vs. Despero, J'onn vs. Despero, and back to Lobo vs. Despero, Fire vs. Lobo, and again with J'onn vs. Despero.  And then Booster brings in the Conglomerate.  And Lobo decides to get rough.  So I think we're looking forward to more fighting in the next installment of Break Downs. 

Meanwhile, back at the cave, Lord Havok, an Extremist robot, is attacking JLE.  (Okay, I just read some back history of the Extremists.  I know who Mitch Wacky is, sort of.  The are JLE villains, from another universe, sort of.  And apparently they were involved in Countdown to Final Crisis.)  He particularly wants to kill the Sorceress….  I can't remember her whole name. I want to say the Silver Sorceress, but then why isn't she dressed in Silver?  Indeed, the Silver Sorceress.  Lord Havok appears to be winning, until Blue Beetle arrives to save the day, and the JLE.   Don't call him an overweight good-for-nothing!  But L-Ron and Kilowog have finished making the control device for Despero's collar ("killing" L-Ron in the process), and they need Beetle to deliver it.  So maybe the end of the fight with Despero is nigh.

Justice League Europe #33 by MELINDA Schmidbauer

Break Downs, Part 10

This issue feels fat.  It doesn't say it is an extra long issue, but it feels pretty big.  On the cover, Lobo is fighting Despero.  Blue Beetle, Flash, Fire and J'onn are all looking on.  If J'onn's weakness is Fire, how can he deal with Fire?  I never thought of that before.  Hmmmm.

Despero is ripping up Times Square, yelling for the Justice League to come out.  In fact, he is ripping apart DC Comics.  How meta.  Guy is sent ahead to try to contain Despero while the other fly in on the Beetle.  Despero is getting pretty good at taking them out.  Guy is just coming to from a big punch when Lobo shows up.  It might be a fight, but then Lobo says he has come for Despero.  Then we see the whole JLA flying away from Times Square, with J'onn calling someone a fool.  

Next page, Sonic the Hedgehog.  That explains the "thickness" of the comic.  A 16-page Sonic the Hedgehog comic in the middle of JLA.  That is longer than a lot of JLA stories now!  

It turns out that it was Major Disaster that J'onn was calling a fool.  Apparently, his powers are not that much under control.  He destroyed Times Square instead of making a diversion.  But L'Ron thinks he can rebuild the master control unit that will work Despero's thought control collar.  He gets Kilowog to help him.  Booster sees the news, and decides he needs to help the Justice League.  And finally, something is going on with Max on KooeyKooeyKooey.  

Justice League Europe #32 by MELINDA Schmidbauer

Break Downs, Part 8

So, the whole Justice League is now at the Justice League cave.  Those two little kids are running around again, but now I suspect they are Rocket Red's kids.  In the last issue, he said he had kids.  And Kurt Heimlich was talking about how Rocket's wife and kids were welcome at the JLE headquarters, so Ralph would be, too, as the spouse of Sue.  

Flashback to packing up the JLE headquarters.  Camus tells Cath Cobert that he will try to get Interpol to sponsor the JLE, but it will take time.  Is there a spark of something between these two?  Maybe.  They are throwing longing looks at each other.  

Sue is purging the computer systems, so sensitive information doesn't fall into the wrong hands.  Sue tries to rally the troops to run under their own command, using their own resources, from where else but the cave?  (Power Girl is being a b***h during this, griping about soda pop.  I like the most recent Power Girl better. And she is still a little snotty to J'onn at the cave.  Get over it, PG! 

So Beetle (looking rather more portly than the last issue -- he is gaining some weight) and Ralph go exploring, mainly looking for the Doom Patrol, who might or might not be sharing the cave.  Apparently there is someone called "The Scarlet Harlot" in the DP at this point.  Flash hears this and decides to join the boys in looking.  They end up in a very weird sort of hallucinatory booby trap, talking to a bureau head (literally, a bureau for a head) and seeing giant noses.  Yes, this must be that weird Grant Morrison Doom Patrol.  Flash vibrates them out, and they eventually find the head of the Doom Patrol, but he yells at them, so they leave and are going to put it in J'onn's hands.

Other things that happen: 

Manga Khan hires Lobo to retrieve Despero.  That can't be good.  

Camus is investigating the disappearance of the Extremists.

Max wakes up while Major Disaster is standing guard. 

Now go read the Justice League America #57 entry!


Justice League Europe #31 by MELINDA Schmidbauer

Break Downs, Part 6

In the first three pages of this issue, it appears as though Captain Atom is attacking some random woman.  I am not sure who that is.  The rest of the JLE is mourning his death, but is he dead?  Again, I am confused.  The JLE is called out by the JLA to go help Ice and Fire (apparently there is yet another miniseries going on called "War of the Gods").  Ice is trying to protect her "people" from Loki,Thor and maybe some other Norse gods.  There is lots of fighting, and eventually all of the heroes are turned to wood!  They make lovely statues.  Rex (Metamorpho) manages to break free, then helps the others escape their wooden prisons, and then it is suddenly back to normal.  Ice declares that the "ice people" are now safe, and that is what counts.  

The JLE goes back to headquarters and is starting to settle down and discuss the weirdness going on, when…

The UN revokes the charter, and JLE doesn't exist anymore.  

Oh, and by the way, Despero has escaped from his confinement after being sold by Khan to some other aliens.  They had Despero destroying a planet, but then they were destroyed, so Despero got loose.  Guess where he is going now.  Oh, I don't have to guess, because I already read Part 7!

Justice League Europe #30 by MELINDA Schmidbauer

Break Downs Part 4:

Note the issue title "The Widening Gyre." No, this is not the Batman series!Again, I have already discussed Part 3 of Break Downs, as a part of JLA.  And, I have to admit, that the story makes much more sense if you read all the parts.  This issue does a credible job of recapping in the first few pages, much more so than JLA does.  

While the news is reporting the apparent deaths of Captain Atom and Inspector Camus, the reader knows better.  And, in fact, Crimson Fox (in her real life identity as head of an international conglomerate) has brought Captain Atom, Ice, Beetle and Ralph (all in disguise) with her to Bialya for a "vacation."  

The group discovers secret tunnels, which are probably what the Queen Bee uses to nab people and brainwash them.  Our heroes use the tunnels to get to the Dome.  Beetle, at least, has figured out that the bullets used to try to kill Max were a plant, designed to make it look like Queen Bee shot Max.  But Beetle figures it must have been a meta-human, since otherwise they would have left a trail.  Beetle is proving his smarts, now.  He thinks it must have been one of the Global Guardians.  

The group breaks into the Dome, and finds the Guardians all "frozen," not literally frozen, Ice, just figuratively.  While Beetle is looking at the computers, trying to figure out what is wrong, Captain Atom notices that Jack O'Lantern is not among those present.  Right then, Jack O'Lantern shows up with Mermaid, and proceeds to engage the JLI in a fight.  During the course of the fight, Jack kills Mermaid, but then "wakes up" the rest of the Global Guardians, proclaiming that the Justice League killed Mermaid.

Queen Bee calls Kurt Waldheim (whom we know now to be a drone of the Queen) to mobilize the JLI to take out the ex-JLI.  Which leads us into part 5, see previous entry!

Oh, and Manga Khan made an obsure appearance, selling something off to a group who wants a planet killer.  Could this be how Despero got loose?


Justice League Europe #29 by MELINDA Schmidbauer

Yes, that is JLE, not JLI.  I have managed to pull the Break Downs issues from the Comic Book Storage Vault so that I can get the whole story.  I would have started from the first issue of JLE, except it is in a different box than JLI and I didn't want Mark to get worried about TWO boxes open at the same time.  (Just kidding, Mark, really!)  

So, go back and review the first issue of Break Down (Justice League #53).  Now, here is what happens in Break Downs #2.

I find out that Camus is actually an Interpol investigator. That makes more sense than a reporter.  He finds out the gun/bullet that Max was shot with came from Bialya and he is going there.  Captain Atom wants to go take out the Queen Bee right away, but Cath stops him.  (I don't know who Cath is, other than maybe the liason in Europe?)  They all have to go to New York (via teleport, I assume) to meet the new UN liason.

Kurt Heimlich is meeting the assembled JLA in NY and wants to interview all of them.  He gets very sensitive when Captain Atom brings up fascism.  Ah, this must be based on Kurt Waldheim!  I knew he seemed familiar.  And he fires Captain Atom.  He proceeds to insult Power Girl, Flash, Rocket Red, Metamorpho and ... the Silver Sorceress? And to practically make a pass at the Crimson Fox.  He makes Blue Jay (huh?) the leader of the group.  He lets Catherine Cobert stay on as liason and administrator.  I think Ralph is fired.  

So, after Captain Atom is fired, he feels he can go off to Bialya and do something.  The others are talking about what to do, when Kurt says he'll take care of it and makes a mysterious call, basically saying he really doesn't care what happens to Captain Atom.  Flash to Bialya.  We see the Jack O'Lantern talking to someone (I know it is Sumaan, since I have read ahead) about how they set up the evidence of who shot Max (that would have been helpful to know in the issues I have already read), and why didn't the JLI come?  And, in fact, Kurt had called them to warn them about Atom.  They agree (as do the JLI members) that there is something weird about Kurt. 

Ralph was fired, but Kurt wants Sue to stay.  That answers another question I had in a previous post.  And Ralph can stay at the Embassy, but only as adjunct personnel.  Family of Sue and all.  Power Girl's cat is shown not to like Kurt.  But is Power Girl's cat not a cat?  It seems to have a camera in its eye.  And what is Metawave?  Argh.  I need to read 1-28 apparently. 

Captain Atom, meanwhile, has flown into Bialya and been captured by the Global Guardians (who are being mind controlled by Queen Bee).  

Next, part 4 of Break Downs.


Justice League #57 by MELINDA Schmidbauer

Breakdown, Part 9

"Maxwell Lord is back!  And the Extremists have got him!"  

I have never heard of the Extremists.  They look weird.  So much for the cover.  

We actually start off the issue in space.  I don't think I mentioned it at the time, but Despero was in a recent issue.  I think he wants revenge on the JLA.   Lobo is on the trail, looking for Despero for Manga Khan.  Lobo has started giving monologues like Manga Khan and all those who have attended and/or taken correspondent courses from him.  Poor Lobo.  

Camus (Inspector, not reporter; that's what I get for skipping installments) is trying to get a hold of the JLI to report that some robots (Extremist robots!) have gone missing, and that someone named Mitch Wacky might be in danger.  Should I know that name?  But the party at the cave (for Max coming out of the coma) is too loud and Beetle can't really hear -- or doesn't want to try too hard to hear.  But that's okay, because "The Beefeater" shows up to handle the problem.  Head slap.  Poor Camus.

Max makes it to the party, and we see all kinds of heroes there, as well as two little kids.  I have no idea who those kids are.  Who would bring kids to a superhero party?  Those never end well.  But nothing really happens.  Camus and Beefeater show up and join the party, after Max tells them he'll take care of the Extremists problem.  So, while everyone is having fun, Max takes off for KooeyKooeyKooey for some rest and rehab.

At some point, Camus decides to head to the JLA headquarters in New York to look for Mitch Wacky.  While he and Beefeater are looking, Despero arrives and pretty much destroys the headquarters, and maybe severely injures those two.  

And Max arrives on KooeyKooeyKooey, where Mitch Wacky is being forced to build/repair robots for .... DREAMSLAYER!  WHO HAS TAKEN OVER MAX'S BODY!  

Two big story lines.  What will happen next?  I won't know, as I don't have Breakdowns, Part 8.  

Justice League #56 by MELINDA Schmidbauer

Breakdown, Part 7

I do think I might be missing some things, not reading the other parts.  I would read them, but the JLE issues are now about 300 miles away in the comic book lounge.  I think I will get them out when I get home.  Maybe it's time to start the JLE from number one, and catch up to this story line.  Especially if the JLA is all changed up.

And right now, it looks like it might be breaking up.  Beetle leaves to try to join the Conglomerate, Fire and Ice (Bea and Tora, now) are off to find modeling careers, Doctor Light never wanted to be in the League anyway...  Everyone has something else to do.  

Except that Beetle fails the physical for the Conglomerate.  Guy is living with General Glory, who is bringing homeless people in to stay.  Fire and Ice are rejected by the first agent they see, and figure out that they really miss the League.  In fact, everyone figures that out. 

J'onn is drawn to the cave the JLA started in.  When he arrives, he finds that Fire and Ice had that same feeling, as did Guy and Ice.  And finally, we see the JLE in the cave.  Everyone wants to reform the JLA.  

There was some good dialog here, but this was the best: 

General Glory:  Doom Patrol?  Sounds like a nasty bunch of villians.

Beetle:  Nah, they're not bad guys, just surrealists.