Green Lantern #4 / by MELINDA Schmidbauer

Mark is a bigger fan of the Green Lanterns than I.  I like Guy Gardner and John Stewart and even the first Green Lantern Alan Scott.  Hal's okay, but he's not "my Lantern."  And this GL book is all about Hal.  We're on issue 4 of the New 52, and Hal still isn't officially a GL again, though.  This Sinestro story line is intriguing, but very slow.  I guess we can say the same about a lot of the New 52.  Aquaman did just finish his first story arc, so maybe this one will tie up pretty soon.

So, issue 4 finds Hal and Sinestro prisoners of the Yellow Lanterns (the Sinestro Corps).  They are upset (to put it mildly) that Sinestro is wearing a green ring.  Sinestro is tortured, then imprisoned with the people of Korugar he was trying to save.  They are very mad at him. Hal encourages Sinestro to make green rings for all of the prisoners.  Good idea, Hal.  The angry townspeople are all given GL rings, and who do they decide to go after?  I won't ruin the surprise.  

As an aside, my vacation from school is over today.  Back to the classroom.  But maybe I'll have time to read a few more comics in study hall.  I'm only three weeks behind now!