SF Classiques 013 / by MELINDA Schmidbauer


A Brief (?) History of SF Productions--Part 13

1983, the "Summer of SF", rolls on...

There was a local theater in town--I use the term loosely, as it was housed in a former pet store, with an audience of 40.  If you sat in the front row, you were in danger of getting trampled by actors downstage.  Anyway, I had been involved with the theater for a few years, and decided it was time for me to direct.  My musical review idea was shot down, so I found an obscure (cheap) one act play called "Sociability".  When I went to cast it, of course I asked SF members.  Sharon, Beth, Mike, and Steve didn't say no quickly enough, and we were off.  Another "director" did a second one-act play, and we added a musical number from Lynda (with kibitzing from Eric) to make the whole thing long enough to make a handful of people come to see it.

Meanwhile, another "blockbuster" hit the movie screen--Superman III.  If you've seen it, I feel for you.  I decided to make a parody of it anyway, and had the brilliant idea of doing it at a local campground--really a way to bribe the team to come do it.   Saylor got the title role this time, Mike continued his job as the black guy, and Eric and I kept the team from wandering off to swim.  This was the first (and last) production to be recorded in "3D Dolby Doppler Stereo", the result of a faulty tape recorder.  You'll hear it in the beginning of the following audio selection.

We packed a lot into one summer--there were concerts, dinners, gaming tournaments both electronic and analog, and political discussions with Beth and Steve on opposing sides.  As Eric succinctly put it, we spent the summer "eating, sleeping, and showering".  Anyway, let's take a listen to "Superlaughs III - in Trailerscope!"