Skipping Comics and Favorite Comics by MELINDA Schmidbauer

As I said before, I am way behind on comics.  And even more behind after yesterday.  Darn you, new comics Wednesday!  Soon Mark will be telling me which comics I need to have read before the show on Sunday, and I am hoping to be caught up with the backlog from two weeks ago before then.  With that in mind, I am skipping the following:

I am not much of a fan of the Bongo comics.  I will read them at Mark's request, but otherwise I tend to skip them.  

My absolute favorite out of the pile I have left is Fables, so that is where I am starting today!

This was a special extra-large issue for the Christmas holiday.  We got to see most of the Fables, all of whom are making their way back to the Farm from Haven, and hopefully back to Fabletown from there.  Even the Wolfs' came home from North Winds for the "second best Christmas ever!"  The Little Match Girl, Santa, and The False Bride all made appearances as Rose Red had her first foray out as a symbol of hope.  She has to find what hope she will represent.  Very Dickensian.  I am sure I am missing a thousand things when I read these issues, which is why I like to go back and read them again once an arc is finished.  I wish we had room to keep trades of these around!  But I want to buy the issues so they keep coming out.  And I can hardly wait for the new Fables series, Fairest, on sale March 7!

Doesn't this look good?