Today I Quilt by M Schmidb

This week, I've been working on a quilt my mom pieced (probably years ago).  It is pretty close to king-size, but I am using a lighter-weight, loftier batting and it is quilting wonderfully with Superior Bottom Line thread.  I have been using Omni thread in the Sweet 16, but I think I love the Bottom Line more!  At this point, after three days of sporadic quilting, I am about half-way done.

I am pretty sure the backing came to my stash from Cat, a friend of Mark's who had to give up her fabric stash when she moved across country.  Thanks, Cat!  

I am seriously considering some vinyl decorations for the quilter. No offense to HQ, but I think some nicely themed SF vinyl to go with Groot and the Adipose baby might be appropriate.