Today We are in Elkhart, IN by M Schmidb

Mark found a new comic-con he wanted to try out here in Elkhart, IN.  As per our usual travel rules, we have to try to eat at places that are local, or not available to us in central Ohio.  So today we ate at Ricky's Taqueria.  It was pretty good.  I like these little "hole in the wall" places that one can find when one looks on the Internet for highly-rated local places.  

While it hasn't started yet as I write this, the Hall of Heroes Comic-con looks like it should be interesting.  Mark is especially looking forward to a show by The Mads (Trace Beaulieu and Frank Conniff) of MST3K.  The whole con appears to be taking place in the restored Lerner Theater, which looked beautiful when we drove by.  Mark is also looking forward to the Hall of Heroes Museum, with it's Bat Cave replica.  I am sure he'll have pictures tomorrow.