Deadman #4 / by MELINDA Schmidbauer

This is one of those titles in the New 52 that I am still on the fence about.  Too many comics are falling into the "serious" mode; like Lost, everything has to have a big mythology and huge stories.  I am a big fan of the "one and done" stories, and wish that the writers of some of these comics would worry less about the "Big Bad" of the season and more about the stories of the characters, and the little bits of things.  

In this issue, Deadman deals with Lucifer to try to find out why Rama is having him possess certain people.  Lucifer has Boston play "20 questions" until Boston figures out what Rama is looking for.  Then an angry Rama confronts Boston.  Lots of philosophy, lots of pretty pictures, but too much mythology for too little story.  I really like Deadman and hope this picks up soon, otherwise it will join my growing list of "Meh" comics.  After all, I have other books to read, too!  

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