The Great White North - Day 1 / by Mark

After a long hiatus, I’m back with another blog entry.

We haven’t taken a real vacation in quite a while, and remembered that we really enjoyed the long “Southern Sweep” drive. With our 25th anniversary imminent, we decided to drive to Canada’s Prince Edward Island, site of “Anne of Green Gables”.

Day 1 - a drive from Columbus to Batavia NY (Latitude 43.01, Longitude -78.19).

Basically, drive to Lake Erie and turn right.

Like I said.

Like I said.

We stopped for lunch in Ashtabula (the bridge made our decision for us).


We had deviled eggs and a Cuban sandwich at Rennick’s Meat Market (quite the hipster locale).


Then a touristy stop at the Original Kazoo Company in Eden, NY. Mindy made her own kazoo!


We made it to Batavia and got dinner at Ken’s Charcoal Pits—I made the mistake of getting the special, and they treated it like I had ordered the “Gutbuster”.


Tomorrow—there’s always time for Jell-O.