The Great White North - Day 12 (Finale) / by Mark

Reporting from SFPPN HQ, Grove City, OH

As you complete a vacation, you pass through familiar territory. This was doubly true today, as we drove from my college town to northeast Ohio where I grew up, and finally to home. So, I just have a few notes to wrap things up.

First off, the hotel was VERY nice. In fact, I was shocked we got such a good deal on it. It was a “business hotel”, and so I guess they don’t get a lot of Sunday night business? I checked the rates for next weekend (College Homecoming), and it’s at least 3X as expensive.

We just make a few stops on the way home—to have lunch with some old friends, and a local orchard we like to visit when we get up that way. We left with apples, pumpkins, cheese, squash, and hedge apples (look it up).

Then a boring trip down I-71 to central Ohio and home.

My top memories of this vacation?

Mindy making her own kazoo

The Star Trek set tour

The abandoned space shuttle replica

Our 25th anniversary dinner on the dock

Glass bottle houses

The friendly B&B on Prince Edward Island


High and low tides on the Bay of Fundy

The Starway to Nowhere

Avery Soda

and spending lots of time with my lovely wife.

That does it. We’re wiped out—time to unpack and do laundry.

I promise to do more blog entries soon.