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Episode 027 - Classic Radio Theatre - Sorry, Wrong Number by Mark

WSAJ’s “Theatre of the Air” continues, with the triller “Sorry, Wrong Number”.

Cat Fithian stars, with Paul McGill, Ron Carter, Betsy Diedrich, Cheryl Sheely, Dave Miller, Michelle Petrucci, Keith Parrish, and yours truly rounding out the cast.  I was fortunate enough to act alongside Cat on several occasions, and she really belts it out of the park on this one.

As usual, the audio quality isn’t great, but it’s the best it’s going to be.



Episode 026 - Classic Radio Theatre - The Signal Man by Mark

WSAJ’s “Theatre of the Air” continues.  It’s back to gothic horror in “The Signal Man”.

There’s no cast list in the recording, so I was surprised to hear my own voice as one of the co-stars. I have no recollection of this performance, essentially doing a Graham Chapman (Monty Python) impression.  I also recognize Larry Bowald, P.D. Gregg, and Keith Parrish’s voices.  I’m not sure of my co-star; perhaps Martin Christoffel? My apologies if I’m in error.

There was a LOT of cleanup for this one, mostly balancing the voice level—damn my baritone!