How I Got My Wife to Read Comics #500!!!!!! by M Schmidb

In a super-sized 500th episode:


Nightwing has a headache, Super-therapy goes off the rails, the Doomsday Clock is running behind, a pointless crossover, you could cut the veggie tray with a Fahren-Knife, Buffy is given the hook, no more life on the farm for Black Hammer, Gerard Way goes back to his roots, Pumpkinhead explains it all, news from NYCC, and clips from 10 years of podcasting--plus WOTCOEW.

How I Got My Wife to Read Comics #486 by M Schmidb


Selina takes “something borrowed” to the next level, two “New Age of Heroes” titles stumble out of the gate while another does an insta-retelling of his origin, Astro City’s support group is stuck in time, a lovely visit to Lakeside (with a few nightmares), our favorite curmudgeonly Trek doctor (no, the other one—no, not that one) gets a backstory, and more industry news--plus WOTCOEW.